Berberine Review: At Almost 59, Jim Feels Younger and More Full of Life Than Ever Thanks to This Natural Supplement

A year ago, Jim Brooks never imagined he could restore his health after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Today, he feels like a brand new man. Here’s his story!

Jim Brooks is the typical American man. He’s a dad with grown kids that have kids of their own and is delighted to be a grandpa. He loves creating things out of wood and he has a love of glazed donuts. One other thing he has in common with many other American men: he has type 2 diabetes.

He found out about his condition about one year ago when he hadn’t been feeling like himself. His wife, Sarah, urged him to go to the doctor. “Honestly, I’d been avoiding it, but I knew something wasn’t right and I’d better face the music and find out what it was,” Jim recalled. 

When the results of his blood work came back, Jim’s doctor told him he had type 2 diabetes. “My doctor told me I’d need to make some adjustments to my lifestyle like my diet and exercise, making sure I drank enough water, and getting more sleep. He also mentioned supplements might be helpful.”

Wanting to encourage Jim on the right path, Sarah also changed her health habits. Together, they researched supplements for diabetes. What they found would soon help them feel better than they had in ages. 

Feeling better than ever

It was at Jim’s desk where his computer sits, covered with framed photos of his kids and grandkids that he sat researching late into the night until he found something a supplement with scientific evidence behind it. 

“I’d said, ‘Sarah! Get in here quick!’ and she came running. I showed her a berberine review I’d found. Then I showed her all the proven research behind it. Of all the all the supplements out there, it was the only one with real proof that it worked,” he explained. 

Berberine has been shown in multiple studies to be effective at controlling blood sugar, aiding in weight loss, and providing more energy. Jim decided to give it a try. Today, at the age of 59, Jim says he’s never felt better a day in his life. 

The berberine supplement that changed Jim’s life

Despite being skeptical, Jim began taking berberine supplements according to the dosage on the bottle. He started to notice a big change in how he felt. He was more energetic and felt better overall. 

When he tested his blood sugar levels, they had improved significantly. “The one thing I’d started doing differently after I’d been dieting, exercising, and resting was adding in these supplements.”

After watching her husband improve before her eyes, Sarah also started taking berberine. She wanted to get the same vitality Jim was having and keep her own health in check. “Sarah herself was pre-diabetic and not wanting to have type 2 diabetes, she joined me on my blood sugar control journey,” Jim explained.

As for Jim, he continued to take berberine capsules over the next year. Now he says he hardly recognizes himself from those photos just a year ago. “I’ve lost weight and I’m no longer so winded doing simple things like playing catch with my grandkids,” he added. 

He kept up with his routine of eating healthy, exercising, and taking the berberine supplement. When it came time for another checkup, the doctor was impressed. “He said my blood sugar levels were much lower, and so was my cholesterol and triglycerides. It was great news.”

To help others living with type 2 diabetes, Jim agreed to share his berberine review. “Berberine has given me a new lease on life. You should have seen me a year ago. I’m like a whole new man, and at 59, I never thought I could feel as good as I did in my younger years. Try it!”

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